Supporting gender diversity in digital health

The Rock Health Women's Summit is an annual invitation-only event built to promote gender diversity and support women leaders in digital health. This Rock Health event, formerly known as the XX in Health Retreat, sparks innovation in digital health by connecting emerging and experienced women and men leaders through a series of conversations and skills-oriented sessions aimed at achieving gender balance on teams and in leadership.

Based on our long-standing research, we believe diverse teams are critical to success. Each year, we invite people of any gender who are committed to this issue to build professional, mentoring, and personal relationships and discuss actionable next steps to improving gender diversity. We encourage those committed to building diverse teams rich with a variety of perspectives to nominate themselves or a colleague to attend.


Past Events

Over the past five years, Rock Health has gathered thousands of women together at our six previous XX in Health events across the United States. Now, Rock Health welcomes women and men to engage in the annual Rock Health Women’s Summit to advance gender diversity in digital health.


Nominate a Speaker for 2018

Rock Health Women's Summit includes a limited number of speaking opportunities, but we welcome submissions from women and men advocating for gender diversity in leadership throughout digital health.

Please include links to video and list of prior talks
Please be specific in describing your topic