The Rock Health Women's Summit is an annual invitation-only event for women and men built to promote gender diversity and support women leaders in digital health. Formerly known as the XX in Health Retreat, this event connects emerging and experienced women and men leaders through a series of conversations and skills-oriented sessions aimed at achieving gender balance on teams and in leadership.

Check out some of the takeaways from our 2016 event here.


Learn from our research

As part of its commitment to gender diversity, Rock Health produces an annual report on the state of women in healthcare. Our 2015 report is based on a survey of over 400 women across the healthcare sector, including entrepreneurs, investors, industry executives, and healthcare professionals. Take a look at where women stand:

Read our 2016 update on gender diversity.

The Rock Health Women's Summit is an annual event hosted by Rock Health, the first venture fund dedicated to digital health. Rock Health events bring together diverse minds from healthcare, technology, and beyond to wrestle with the industry’s most challenging problems. We like putting people with different perspectives and experiences in the same room to share new ideas, discover big opportunities, and to inspire one another to change healthcare for the better.