Who are the attendees?

Our goal is to connect people, women and men alike, who are passionately working in digital health and committed to improving their business and enriching their culture through team diversity. We encourage people from all ethnicities, genders, ages, roles, and companies who are interested in this topic to attend—whether you’re a seasoned diversity advocate or just learned about its real business implications—your unique perspective will create a valuable experience for all.


Why do we host this?

When Halle Tecco founded Rock Health in 2010, she was struck by the dearth of women leaders in healthcare. To address this issue head-on, she began a dinner series to connect and inspire the women working in the space and named the series XX in Health. The initiative grew quickly from small dinners to larger events, and eventually into annual retreats for hundreds of women in all areas of healthcare. 

By 2015, XX in Health had grown to include thousands of members, in close to a dozen chapters both in the US and abroad—and the group’s growth showed no signs of slowing. In service of this growth, XX in Health became part of Disruptive Women in Healthcare in 2015, while Rock Health continues to host an annual Women’s Summit and produces research on gender diversity in healthcare. See our announcement about that transition here.

Rock Health hosts its annual Rock Health Women’s Summit to stay true to our mission of supporting the best entrepreneurs and teams in digital health. We believe diverse teams are critical to success and have focused on the benefits of gender diversity in our long-standing research. This year, our Summit will include men and a focus on gender diversity in digital health in order to further this mission. We’re looking forward to this one of a kind Summit and hope that women and men who share these commitments will join us!

Get Involved

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Attend events in your area through Disruptive Women in Health Care

Promote gender diversity on-stage through GenderAvenger 

Learn from our Reports

Rock Health produces an annual report on the state of gender diversity in healthcare, with insights and wisdom from our community of accomplished professionals. Our 2015 report is based on a survey of over 400 women across the healthcare sector, including entrepreneurs, investors, and industry executives. Take a look at where women stand.

Read our 2016 update on gender diversity.